All Letters of Intent are reviewed by our executive director and our program staff. If all agree that the project is a good match for the Eisner Foundation’s goals and objectives, the applicant is encouraged to submit a full proposal and the relevant application paperwork is provided. All proposals are then reviewed and preliminarily evaluated for eligibility by the Eisner Foundation again, with a new eye for specificity and a focus on our criteria for review and approval. If the proposal is still considered to be strong with a high potential for success, a site visit is scheduled.

No grant is approved without a site visit, even if the organization has received Eisner Foundation funding previously. That visit is usually jointly conducted by Eisner Foundation management and program staff. Subsequently, we prepare a recommendation on suitability of funding. All preliminarily-vetted proposals are forwarded to the Eisner Foundation board for review and possible approval. The Eisner Foundation board meets four times a year and LOIs are accepted year-round. Organizations that are declined must wait one full year before reapplying to the Foundation.