The Eisner Foundation board consists solely of Michael Eisner, his wife Jane, and their three grown sons: Breck, Eric, and Anders.

Michael, now the founder and CEO of The Tornante Company, helps shape The Eisner Foundation’s mission and oversees its work. Jane serves as President of The Eisner Foundation, helping to guide day-to-day operations. Breck, Eric, and Anders, each successful in their own careers, bring their unique interests to bear on the direction of the Foundation’s grant-making.

Breck emphasizes programs that engage children in the arts; Eric, in organizations that assist neglected Southern California regions; and Anders, programs that give children opportunities to channel their energies positively. Breck’s wife Georgia, Eric’s wife Stacey, and Anders’ wife Terena also play key roles as advisors to the Eisner Foundation.

No member of the Eisner family receives any compensation from the foundation for their work. Furthermore, The Eisner Foundation’s by-laws prohibit any financial relationships of any kind with any extended members of the Eisner family, or any of its in-laws.