What We Do

The Specifics

“We want our efforts to help children not just temporarily, but enduringly, by giving them the tools to dream and their families the resources to realize those dreams.”

—Jane Eisner

Our Programs:

For the children of Los Angeles we seek to provide them with the tools they need to attain self-sufficiency and to build productive lives. We fund innovative after-school programs in underserved communities that provide children with access to the academic and enrichment opportunities and prepare them for higher education. We also support endeavors to give children access to the arts, quality healthcare options and programs that help prevent abuse and neglect.

For the aging, we strive to provide lasting change in the lives of older adults, with a special emphasis on those that are especially vulnerable due to poor health or poverty. We pursue this objective by partnering with high-performing non-profit organizations that advocate on behalf of seniors to provide access to health care, safety in their environments, cultural enrichment, and the opportunity to age with dignity.

For each of these areas, we have specific outcome goals that we are seeking as a result of our funding, and we evaluate all programs, organizations, and grants in terms of reaching those goals. We are both a responsive grant-maker, reactive to the needs of our community, and an initiative-based funder, seeking out areas in which we are passionate and see opportunities to lead and engage other funders.

Our Geographic Focus:

The Eisner Foundation exclusively supports organizations in Los Angeles County, preferring to utilize our funding for the underserved children and elderly who live in our neighboring communities.

Our Grant Amounts:

The Eisner Foundation makes grants of two distinctive general amounts. The first type of grant ranges in size from $100,000 to $300,000, and in very rare and exceptional circumstances, can exceed $1 million. These grants are made to established, efficient, and effective organizations in Los Angeles County. These grants can be expected to produce established outcomes and long-term sustainable change and impact the maximum number of recipients. We seek minimal risk and maximum measurable results with these types of grants. These grants are approved at our quarterly board meetings.

The second type of grant we make is smaller in nature and ranges from $10,000-$25,000. These grants are designed to increase access to funding and strengthen the capacity of small, emerging organizations. Additionally, The Eisner Foundation provides technical assistance for these grantees by convening them and offering the tools necessary to grow and strengthen their organizations. Applicants for this type of funding can apply at any time and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Our Types of Grants:

The Eisner Foundation believes in identifying and partnering with high-quality non-profit organizations. As a result, we think that we are investing in those organizations, and it is therefore not always necessary to insist our funding only be utilized for special programs and new initiatives, as many foundations mandate. Individual charities worthy of our support are to be trusted and encouraged to allocate their funding in the most effective and results-producing way possible. Therefore, we are primarily a funder that provides general operating support to our partners, but we will consider proposals for funding capital campaigns, capacity building, and programs—new, expanding, or existing. We rarely accept proposals for endowments.

As a private family foundation, we do not fund individuals or for-profit organizations.